July 24, 1818 - April 27, 1853
(Merrill Charles & Vicky Klippert, Reed Davidson & Julie Andrews, Richard Roland & Suzanne Hill, Parley Daniel & Nicolene Riska, Joy Turnbow & James (Jim) Thomas Burgoyne, and Carol Turnbow & Rex Clifford Stallings.) Burnell "M" Turnbow, Parley Nathaniel Turnbow, Milton Octavious Turnbow, Silvira Caroline Hart.

This history was compiled by Carol Turnbow Stallings from the family records of Samuel Turnbow husband to Silvira Caroline Hart. Silvira Caroline Hart is a daughter of Ellen Reese and Warren Hart being born in Edgefield, District 96, South Carolina. I have not been able to find any
information at this time on Silvira's early life or her family background. In fact there is a great deal of confussion even as to her date of birth. I believe her correct birth date is 24 July 1818. My documentation comes from ordinance records while Silvira was living. Silvira received her Patricharical Blessing
at Winter Quarters on June 31, 1847 by John L Smith. The hand written copy of John Smith which is in the Church Historical Department at 50 East North
Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah shows her date of Birth as July 24, 1818. A second documentation is the Endowment House Records for self Endowments on March 6, 1852 in Salt Lake City which documents Silvira's date of birth as 24 July 1818. A third documentation is the Sealing record of Silvira Caroline Hart to Samuel Turnbow on March 6, 1852 by Heber C. Kimball in the east room at 6 1/2 p.m..
The information on the endowments and sealing can be found on film 183.393, book A1 page 360 Sealing and 183.393 Book A page 31 for endowments. According to this information Silvira would have been thirty-five (35) years old at the time of her death on27 April 1853. There are other dates given for Silvira's birth and also the spelling of her
name to Sylvira. I have also confirmed the marriage license issued to Samuel and Silvira Hart Turnbow on 25 September AD 1829. (Film 1290271Perry Co. Alabama Marriage Records 1820-1832 also Film 183393 and Book 835116 J Book D, page 19. The
marriage date was not finalized on legal records but family records of Samuel and his children give the date of 1 October 1829. The most information we have on Silvira comes from the History and Journals of Samuel and their children. Records show that Silvira Caroline Hart Turnbow was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on March l, 1844 at Canhauba
River Perry County, Alabama. Silvira was pregnant with her seventh child at the time of her baptism in
March of 1844. Milton my great grandfather was born on the 10th of October 1844. The family experienced the sad occasion of the martyr of the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum. What difficult times these had to have been for all of those early saints. Silvira left in the wagan train that arrived in Salt Lake City on September 27 , 1847 in the Abraham O. Smoot company in which company her husband Samuel was one of the ten captains.
Silvira gave birth to eleven children. John Gillenroy Turnbow, 13 Sept. 1833, died 26 December 1897; a set of twins Isacc and Warren 6 Aug 1835 who
both died that same day; Epsy Adelino , l May 1836 who died 16 November 1851; Robert Franklin, 11 Dec. 1838, died 3 February 1920. The first five
children were all born in Hambug, Perry Co., Alabama. Sophronia Ellen Lenora either Jan or Feb. 23, 1841 in Perry Co., died 5 February, 1925; Milton Octavious Turnbow, 10 October 1844, Canhauba River, Perry Co., Alabama. This is our great grandfather, died 15 January 1919.
Married our great grandmother Mary Lois Judd Mitchell Turnbow 5 May 1866; Laura Ann 27 July 1845 died 11 June 1846 at Mt Piza,Iowa; Margaret Ann,25 or 26 June 1847, Loup Fork of the Platt, same county, Grand Island, Nebraska, died 11 July 1932; Samuel Joseph, 30 June 1850, Salt Lake City, Utah died 14 January 1856; Alma or Ama 20 or 26 ApriI 1853, Samuel's record shows 20th. Salt Lake City, Utah 22 September 1854 or 55. Note Silvira died 2l April 1853 soon after the birth and death of her son Alma. Samuel's Geneolg & Blessing Book recorded April 1.5, 1874 recorded by someone other than Samuel himself shows the death of Alma 22 September 1854.

Soon after the arrival of the Samuel and Silvira Hart Turnbow to the Salt Lake Valley they took in Harriett Utley and her younger brother who were neighbors to the Turnbows in Alabama prior to leaving to meet with the saints. The Utley children had been left orphaned while crossing the plains and Samuel
and Silviria took the children in upon their arrival to the Salt Lake Valley. According to Harriett they went to Ogden to live with the Turnbows. It was only
about two years after the arrival of Silviria and her family to the valley that Silviria passed away on the 27th April 1853 at the young age of 35. However, the
tomb stone in the Salt Lake City, Cementery shows her age as 37 years which would have made her born in 1816.
Only five of her children lived to adulthood. John Gillenroy, Robert Franklin, Sophronia Ellen Turnbow, Sophronia Ellen Lenora Turnbow Carter,
Milton Octavious and Margaret Ann. Silviria and Samuel were the first of our ancestors to join the church and come to Salt Lake City to remain with the body of the saints. These were difficult times and we owe a great debt of gratitude to her for her personal sacrifices in helping the gospel to grow and expand. Silviria died in Salt Lake City, Utah and is burried in City Cementry next to her husband Samuel Turnbow.