(Robert C. Neel: This information was found in some material given me by my Aunt Zina McDonald. This was a handwritten history probably written by my grandmother Hephzibah Turnbow. Copied 2 Aug 1992.)

Mary Love Page was married to James Woolstenhulme April 23, 1858. She was the daughter of William Page, who died at Council Bluffs, Iowa February 21, 1857, and Hephzibah Whitney Pierce, married June 29, 1837 in Hancock, Hillsboro Co., New Hampshire. She was born November 1, 1840 and came to Utah Oct 11, 1852 with Captain Hicks Company. Their children, Elva Endora, born January 3, 1859 married Richard Franklin Lambert April 14th 1889; Laura Amelia, born July 1, 1870, married Daniel Lewis, July 6, 1892; Reuben Allen born March 5, 1872, married Sarah Ellen Sorensen Oct 28, 1903; Charlott Elizabeth, born August 18, 1874 died September 4, 1899; Ellen Mellor born November 5, 1876, married William J. Ure; Hephzibah Alice born Oct 11, 1879, married John Turnbow November 9, 1904. Family home was in Marion, Summit Co., Utah.

She also boarded several of the school teachers in Marion. In Marion at the time of her death she died under quarantine so no funeral. There was a great deal of sickness at that time - 1919 - the times of the Flu. She died March 15, 1919, age 79. She was buried in the Marion Cemetery.

(Robert C. Neel: The following was a handwritten history found in the same material.)


by Reuben and Hephzibah

A few things I can remember mother doing. About 1875 she went up Weber Canyon to cook for the choppers. When she got through there she went to Ogden and brought six chairs of which I still have one and am using it. About that time we moved into her new home where she lived till 1913.

In the period of time from 1876 till about 1888 she and Aunt Julia made cheese together. They put the milk all in a large vat. Mother would make cheese one week then Aunt Julia the next. We children surely did like to eat the curd. About 1884 Father took a contract making a road over in Ross Hollow. Mother went and cooked for the men.

She was secretary for Summit Co. and also secretary and treasure for the Marion ward for a great number of years. She was school trustee in the Marion School District for two or three terms. In June of 1899 Mother went to Boston and New Hampshire to visit relatives and to get genealogy.

One summer about 1910, Mother's sister, Aunt Charlotte came from Ogden so I took them and my family up Shingle Creek for a week and I never saw 2 people enjoy themselves any more than they did.

I can remember Mother out in the garden with her sunbonnet and I can also remember her with her knitting. When I was small, she knit stockings for the family.